About JM Infra & Enviro Technologies Pvt ltd

14 Years of Experience


M/sJM Infra & Enviro Technologies Pvt ltd is a multi-disciplinary company based in Delhi. It was established in the year 2005 in Delhi by Mr. JS Tomar & Dr. Mamta Tomar as Managing Directors and Partners. We have long experience of working as Consultant and Contractor in various public and private projects of water and wastewater treatment and environmental pollution control. Company has Head Office in Delhi and branch offices in Mumbai-Maharashtra, Kapurthala-Punjab, Noida-Uttar Pradesh, and Manesar-Haryana. M/s JM Enviro is operated and maintained by a Qualified and Experienced Team of Professionals. We are specialized in the field of Environmental Pollution Control particularly related to domestic and industrial wastewater collection and treatment activities including Bioremediation of Wastewater with special blend of bacterial strains.JM Enviro is associated with a company, M/s GFS Trading and Contracting Company established in Kuwait in 1995 by Mr. Tomar. In a span of nearly TWENTY years GFS achieved a good experience in Water and Wastewater Treatment field. An innovative Technology of Biological Treatment which operates without electricity and doesn't require any changes in the existing infrastructure or any new structure means it's an In-Situ waste water treatment technology was developed by GFS in Kuwait under expert guidance of Dr. Mamta Tomar.

The Company carried out extensive survey and research works to study various possible options as stated underneath to treat the waste water in pumping stations, Sewage Treatment Plants and sanitary networks in order to control odour emission and to reduce pollutants concentration in waste water discharged to the sea or any other water body. After successful execution of different projects based on above mentioned technology it was transferred to India in the year 2005 under the name of M/s J M Enviro Technologies Pvt. Ltd in Delhi with the objective of making our SACRED RIVERS pollution free. Firstl,y we were confined to the field of BIOREMEDIATION OF WASTEWATER with ABR Technology in Delhi. Later we expanded in other States of India and executed quite many projects based on ABR outside Delhi. We had in collaboration with World Wild Life Fund for Nature (WWF) conducted a pilot Project under “Living Ganga Programme" on-channel treatment of waste water in Singhpur-Kalyanpur drain at Kanpur, The project was monitored by four independent organization including IIT Kanpur. The odour generation and emission was completely controlled within few hrs along with significant reduction in the levels of BOD and TSS, which were much less than the CPCB standard limits. We have achieved remarkable results. AT PRESENT WE PROUDLY ANNOUNCE FOR COMPLETING 50+ PROJECTS ON IN-SITU TREATMENT OF WASTEWATER WITH ABR TECHNOLOGY. Our work of Wastewater treatment in Rivers, Lakes & ponds has been appreciated by many Governmental Authorities such as MMRDA (Mumbai Metropolitan Regional Development Authority), DDA (Delhi Development Authority), NDMC (New Delhi Municipal Corporation), and DJB (Delhi Jal Board), CPWD etc. even our technology is approved by CPCB (Central Pollution Control Board). We have registered our presence in the field of Construction, Operation & Maintenance of Sewage and Industrial Effluent Treatment Plants also and executed many projects in Punjab, Haryana & Maharashtra. The protection of environment from hazardous effects of gas, liquid and solid pollutants shall be the responsibility of each human being. JM Enviro firmly believes in this aspect and try to serve the mankind through its activities.


Our Company aims to aid as many private and governmental projects as possible, in order to play our part in ensuring that the proposed development activities are sustainable in every sense. We have an attractive work environment that would keep attracting the top experts who share our goals regarding the sustainable development. We would like to add our name to the list of top Indian environmental consultants soon. We do have technical expertise in each subject of an environment all technologies and good understanding of environmental legislation.


Our main goal is providing innovative and strategic advices to our clients and to continue to serve our existing as well as the future clients utilizing 100% of the resources available at our service. We constantly endeavor to marry our client’s project planning with the regulations issued by the different governing departments of the ministry dealing with the environment, like MoEF, GPCB, CPCB etc. We not only strive to provide the best of the services to our clients, but also contribute to the research community in this field. We attend international conferences as well as present and publish many research papers based on our research.

What We Do

We have experts who specialize in different sectors, fields and types of projects that we undertake and have acquired in-depth knowledge regarding these. We are able; therefore, to support our clients on major projects across the different sectors in which we specialize. Alternatively, we are able to provide expert advice on a single technical or professional issue. We listen and understand our clients’ needs and provide first class customer care and straightforward advice. However, we are also pro-active and not afraid to make suggestions that we consider will assist our clients attain their strategic objectives.
We are also organized so that clients can regard all of our employees as a single resource pool, which can be internationally deployed so as to ensure that clients’ get the right technical professionals for their projects. Our operations are not hindered by inter-office budgets or inter-company politics and this enables projects to be completed as efficiency and as timely as possible.


  • Sewage treatment plant
  • Effluent Treatment Plant
  • Common Effluent Treatment Plant
  • Designing of STPs,ETPs
  • Rain Water Harvesting & Storm Water Drainage System
  • Bioremediation
  • Infrastructure Development Including Construction of Roads 8-Restoration of Ponds/ Lakes/Rivers
  • Conservation of Heritage Buildings

Our Goal

Design and implement the most economical waste water treatment systems consuming the least energy & space. Complete Control of generation and emission of Odorous Pollutants.

Monitoring the discharge of untreated wastes into the sea through their quality Products. Control of marine water and aquaculture pollution with our technology of ABR.

Accurate assessment of various pollutants through their quality estimation equipment and relevant products.

Providing a safe and hygienic environment for laboratory personals through their specialty products.Very well equipped with all pollution measuring and water/ wastewater testing Equipment.