JM Enviro is associated with a company, M/s GFS Trading and Contracting Company established in Kuwait in 1995 by Mr. Tomar. In a span of nearly TWENTY years GFS achieved a good experience in Water and Wastewater Treatment field. An innovative Technology of Biological Treatment which operates without electricity and doesn't require any changes in the existing infrastructure or any new structure means it's an In-Situ waste water treatment technology was developed by GFS in Kuwait under expert guidance of Dr. Mamta Tomar. The Company carried out extensive survey and research works to study various possible options as stated underneath to treat the waste water in pumping stations, Sewage Treatment Plants and sanitary networks in order to control odour emission and to reduce pollutants concentration in waste water discharged to the sea or any other water body. After successful execution of different projects based on above mentioned technology it was transferred to India in the year 2005 under the name of M/s J M Enviro Technologies Pvt. Ltd in Delhi with the objective of making our SACRED RIVERS pollution free. Firstl,y we were confined to the field of BIOREMEDIATION OF WASTEWATER with ABR Technology in Delhi. Later we expanded in other States of India and executed quite many projects based on ABR outside Delhi.